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Hero Guide

Here's the Guide

Craft Shell,Gumbo,and Crunchy Cheese (check for Legendary Section for how to craft)

Then Collect This Seed

Elub Shore    Ancient Spear Gun + Shell cheese                      --> Collect Blue Seed
Nerg Plains   All Venus Mouse trap Types + Gumbo Cheese --> Collect Yellow Seed
Derr Dunes   RhinoBot + Crunchy Cheese                               -- Collect Red Seed

Maybe you will encounter the chief from each tribe,try to catch them and collect the blueprints parts that they drop

if you think you're enough for the seed,buy the pot in cape clawed and then combine the seed

To get the Plants you need craft the seeds and the pot you've bought

Blue       = 2 Blue Seeds + Pot
Yellow   = 2 Yellow Seeds + Pot
Red       = 2 Red Seeds + Pot
Green   = 1 Blue Seeds + 1 Yellow Seeds + 1 Pot
Orange = 1 Yellow Seeds + 1 Red Seeds + 1 Pot
Pungent = 1 Blue Seeds + 1 Red Seeds + 1 Pot
Inferno  = 1 Red Seeds + 1 Blue Seeds + 1 Yellow Seeds + 1 Pot

You don't need to craft inferno until you can go to Dracano

then if you already craft the seeds go to your "Special" in your inventory , you will see the coloured plants .. you can choose pick one or pick all

Now you can craft Havarti Cheese , Click on link to get the Recipe

Cheese : Magical            Crunchy            Sweet           Creamy         Spicy       Pungent
Pepper : Blue                  Green              Yellow          Orange           Red          Pungent
Mouse : Stonework      Fetid Swap         Primal         Jurrasic     Magma Carrier    Chitinous
Loot    : Fire Salt          Fire Salt              Fire Salt      Fire Salt        Fire Salt       Fire Salt
-------- Runic Potion  Runic Potion   Runic Potion  Runic Potion  Runic Potion  Runic Potion

Here is The Loot that you must collect 
Stone Work : Engraved Solid Stone Slab
Fetid Swamp : Hinge of Eternity
Primal : Ethereal Rope
Jurrasic : Ancient Relic Staff
Magma Carrier : Encrusted Metal of Time
Chitinous : Timeless Mystic Gem

All this mice can be Found at Jungle of Dread

Use "Clockapult of Time" Trap at this location to catch the mice
(Available at Cape Clawed General Store)
(2,7 Million Gold , 20 Million Points)

If you have all that item , then craft the Ancient Box Trap (17 Million Points)

Here's The link how to craft it Click

To Caught Acolyte , you need Runic Cheese

1. Use your Potion that you've collected from catching mice in Jungle of Dread
2. use Recipe

3 Ionized Salt
1 Stale Cheese
1 Rune
1 Runic Cheese (adding 1 magic essence will give you extra 1 runic cheese)

Try to caught acolyte in Acolyte Realm (Auto transport when Forbidden Grove closed)
and get the mysterious box with frozen scroll inside it (from acolyte mouse)

and Keep Hunting until you reach Knight Rank

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